I designed UI/UX for a payment gateway system to offer the most straightforward integration for eCommerce merchants. I crafted responsive UI for four apps catering to merchant, payment provider, admin, and buyer needs. My role covered branding, web design, and UX optimization, resulting in final UIs ready for development.

The project included Competitor Analysis, UX Research, Branding, UI Design, Visual Design, IA, Web Design.

Branding foundations
Visual System

I was tasked with developing the payment system product design from the beginning. In general, four different types of users engage with the platform, each requiring a specific set of functionalities that can be provided either through the platform itself or via a standalone client application.
A pivotal aspect of this project was ensuring the client application's responsiveness, enabling a broader user reach through its mobile and tablet versions. Throughout the design process, multiple prototypes were created at different levels of fidelity.
BinaryPay's Web Presence has been crafted to engage users
and convey the fundamental project highlights to its audience.

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