Fulldive VR is a mobile virtual reality app designed for Google Cardboard that lets users browse 360 videos and photos while interacting with others.

The UI design prioritizes displaying 360-degree content, with a dark background that is easier on the eyes when wearing a VR headset. The large design elements also contribute to a better user experience and easier UI control.

Project scope: Branding, UX/UI for VR/web/Android, Discovery, Web Design, Visual Design, Interactive Design.

Design process: Gathering requirements, branding, audience analysis and research, wireframes and sketches, low-fidelity mockups, high-fidelity mockups, and post-production support and improvements based on user feedback.
One of the challenges that I experienced during the project was the hover-to-activate user interface. That means that the user can operate the headset by head movement, but every action on CTAs is supposed to have a small delay for confirmation. The issue was caused by the VR headset's technical restrictions.

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