As a product designer, my task was to design the interface for an application that would run on an interactive touch-screen kiosk. This kiosk will be placed inside the Ford facility, and customers will be able to view details of Ford vehicles, select the one that interests them, and customize it if necessary.
In my role as a product designer, I was tasked with designing the UX/UI for an interactive kiosk application.

This kiosk features a touch screen and provides an interactive wizard for potential customers. With this wizard, users can browse through the available car models and view their details.

Customers can also customize their dream car and send an inquiry at the end of the journey.
The prototype for the car customizations has undergone user testing with both the internal team and stakeholders, leading to the identification and resolution of minor UX inconsistencies in the high-fidelity version.

Based on the results of the testing, adjustments have been made to the UX design.

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